First Weekend Success
by on August 6, 2017 in Dear Edwina Jr Blog

Wow! What a great first weekend of rehearsals for Dear Edwina Jr.  I hope your cast member is telling you how much fun we are having! I have already started seeing some impressive acting and dancing and hearing some great vocals. We also played some acting games this weekend. I will continue to begin our rehearsals with different acting exercises and games to help your cast member grow as a performer.

I did give every cast member a home work assignment! This weekend we talked about character development and how they can use their wonderful imagination to give their character a history. Sometimes the script writers give us clues to a character’s personality. Sometimes we get to make it up all on our own.  What ever the case may be when a performer takes the time to think about who their character is and what life experiences their character has had they really get to know the character they are playing.  This will help your cast member to portray their character with confidence when they are on stage. So take some time this week and ask your cast member some questions about who their character is…What do they like? What do they dislike? Have they always lived in Paw Paw or did their family relocate? Do they have any siblings? How did they meet their character friends (other cast members characters)? Why do they come to watch Edwina’s show? Why do they help Edwina put on the show every week?

I have the rehearsal schedule 90% completed.  I hope to have the rest finished by Monday evening.  You can see the most updated version by going to the Paw Paw page.

We have our first choreography video uploaded so make sure to practice, practice, practice! You can access the video by going to the Paw Paw page and clicking on the Hula Girl.

And last but not least – A friendly reminder from The Biz – everyone should have received an invoice from The Biz.  Please make that payment as soon as possible. You can pay online or you can pay check or cash at The Biz.  If you had a registration fee due you can plan on picking up your Biz t-shirt or draw string Biz bag this Saturday before rehearsal begins.

Everyone have a great week and I’ll see you next weekend for more Dear Edwina Jr fun!

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